Missing bullet 9 fps

One frame, 0.04 seconds.
The initial velocity of Y suspect’s shotgun is 250-350 metres per second.
The bullet is moving at 10-14 m per frame.
The second shot is fired at a distance of approximately 5 m from the target.


As expected, the bullet or some kind of debris hit the legislator’s badge and suit, but passed through without penetrating the body.                                        There is no change in the line of the left fist and left shoulder.


The change appears in 0.04 seconds of the next frame.

Time starts to move.

Red arrow.
A bullet enters through the right collar of the suit, striking the button-down shirt hard. (It’s so clear it could be a fake image.)

Blue arrow.
Both arms are pulled towards the chest. (The microphone in the right hand appears short because the wrist has moved inwards.)

Blue circle.
A shell casing-like object, cinders or a congressman’s badge.
Evidence that the bullet is further away than this.

Yellow arrow.
One of the key elements that tell me the movement of time in a world that seems to have stopped. This yellow arrow somewhere around 0.04 seconds, a magic bullet hit the former Prime Minister.



Posted by Faust