One World

Don’t blame me, I only offered the conditions, it was your takers who made the choice.

Some people call me DS, but it’s not that simple.
Royalty, aristocracy, politicians, the rich, the back end of every system, trans-national networks… well, you can imagine whatever you want.

Almost every human being is pathetic, don’t you think?
Helpless lambs.

Have you ever imagined the world after Armageddon?
There is no way of knowing whether God’s army will come down.

If people are imperfect creatures, don’t you think we need to create a perfect “One World"?
I don’t know if it is a zoo or an Eden, a cosy world or not.

I think the war in the process of creating the One World is unreasonable, but it won’t stop the flow.

”Enough of the bullshit, stop the war.”



Posted by Faust